Cat Litter Box Exchange Service

Here's How It Works

    Just FYI… We keep all of our customer’s litter boxes identified, separated, and sealed for your cat’s protection.


On our first visit to your home, we will provide you with one extra clean litter box filled with a Premium Cat Litter. On your service day we ask that you place your used litter box outside and we will clean and sanitize it for you while your cat is using the second litter box that we provided. We will add new litter to your box and seal it so it is ready to be used when needed. Should you need more than one extra box, please notify us.

You can choose to use Doody Patrol litter boxes or you can use the ones that you already have.

Pricing is based on the amount of boxes you choose to use, size of box, and the type of service.

       Prices starting at just $14.99 for 1 box exchange/ weekly!

If your cat requires a specific brand of cat litter, then we kindly ask that you supply the litter.

Why Hire Doody Patrol to Exchange your Cat Litter Box?

  • Doody Patrol knows that having a clean litter box is of high importance to your cats health, toilet habits, disease prevention, and especially odor control.

  • Convenience for cat-lovers knowing Doody Patrol will service your Litter Box Exchange on a weekly, twice a week or custom schedule. This makes you and your cat happy.

  • Doody Patrol makes life easier for those busy parents that don’t always have time to clean out the litter box.

  • Doody Patrol Litter Box Exchange is a great service for Senior Living Facilities or elderly that can no longer take care of the weekly maintenance.

  • Health is important to a pregnant woman. Living around a dirty litter box or breathing dirty litter box dust is dangerous for the mother and baby. Let Doody Patrol take over this part of being a cat-lover making the process convenient and healthy for everyone.