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Keep your lawn clean with our pet waste removal services!

Leave the dirty work to us! Doody Patrol ensures a clean, safe, and reliable dog poop removal service. Count on us for on-time, meticulous scooping and a commitment to your pet's well-being.

Why Choose Us?

Rest easy knowing Doody Patrol is licensed and compliant with local laws and regulations, providing a professional and trustworthy service.
Rest assured with our extensively vetted and background-checked uniformed pooper scoopers, guaranteeing a reliable team that takes care of your property.
Experience peace of mind as we prioritize the health and safety of your dogs, diligently monitoring waste and keeping you informed to ensure their well-being.

Say goodbye to dog poop woes!

Experience a cleaner, greener lawn with our expert pet waste removal services. Say goodbye to the burden of cleaning up after your furry companions and enjoy a fresh, hygienic outdoor space you'll love.

Exceptional Reliability

Count on our reliable and punctual service visits, ensuring your lawn stays clean and poop-free, regardless of your busy schedule.

Convenient Customization

Tailor your dog waste removal plan with our flexible options, including bucket service, to fit your specific needs and budget.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Rest assured, knowing we're committed to getting the job done right. We'll re-clean your property at no cost or provide a credit.

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We're proud to work alongside these esteemed partners who share our vision and contribute to our success. Together, we're achieving great things.

Reclaim your lawn with pet waste removal!

Indulge in a healthier environment with our amazing pooper scooper services! Our highly trained experts are dedicated to keeping your lawn pristine, providing you with a clean outdoor space tailored to your needs.

Pet Waste Removal

Tired of the endless mess, odors, and dog poop in your yard? Choose our expert dog poop scooping services to take care of everything! Enjoy a clean and safe environment for your family and pets. With our reliable and efficient service, you can reclaim your outdoor space and say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning up after your furry companions.

  • Enjoy a clean yard as we meticulously collect all pet waste during your scheduled service day.
  • Effortlessly dispose of pet waste as we scoop and securely tie waste bags for disposal or take them away for you.
  • Offering flexible dog poop removal services tailored to your needs, including 1 and 2 times a week options, as well as bi-weekly and one-time services.
a group of bags sitting on top of a lush green field

Community Trash Can Service

Calling all pet-friendly communities! Say goodbye to overflowing and unpleasant pet waste bins with our community trash can service, tailored exclusively for pet waste.

  • We ensure that pet waste bins are consistently clean, creating a more pleasant environment for the entire community.
  • Ensure a safer, healthier environment for residents and pets by reducing contamination and health hazards.
  • Create a pet-friendly paradise with a well-maintained and inviting community that fosters pride and belonging among residents.
a trash can sitting on top of a grass covered field

Pet Waste Station Services

Enhance the pet-friendly atmosphere of your property with our top-notch Dog Waste Stations! Our sales, installation, and maintenance services ensure a clean and hygienic environment for pet owners and their furry companions.

  • Our pet waste stations allow for a closed-loop solution that creates a cleaner environment for your community.
  • Our affordable monthly fee covers bag refills, can liners, and comprehensive station maintenance and repairs.
  • Uphold a clean community with our convenient stations, showcasing your commitment to cleanliness and pet-friendly spaces.
a street sign and waste station next to a street with a truck in the background

Bucket Service

Simplify your dog poop cleanup with our convenient bucket service! This service is specifically created for those that hate leaving smelly dog poop in their garbage cans.

  • Get everything you need with our bucket service: bucket, lid, and bags provided for easy waste disposal.
  • Enjoy the convenience of weekly waste removal, with up to 4 visits per month and no usage limits.
  • Keep your surroundings clean as we take care of the bucket removal, allowing you to focus on enjoying quality time with your pets.
a black bucket with a doodyy patrol logo on it

Deodorizer and Disinfectant Yard Spray Applications

Make every step on your lawn a breath of fresh air with our deodorizer and disinfectant applications! Our Broad Spectrum Germicidal Cleaner is safe for you, your pets, and your equipment.

  • Our spray knocks out pathogens in one easy step, providing a hygienic environment for you and your pets.
  • Freshen up your outdoor space with deodorizer applications! No more unpleasant odors, even after dog poop removal.
  • Enjoy a clean environment for safe outdoor enjoyment with applications covering around 300 square feet.
a person spraying a lawn with a sprayer

"We have been using Doody Patrol for years and have never been disappointed with [...] their reliability, communication, and friendliness. I highly recommend them."

Brian Miller

Ready to enjoy cleaner outdoors?

Say goodbye to messy yards and hello to a spotless, odor-free outdoor haven for you and your furry friends. Experience the convenience and hygiene of our top-notch pooper scooper service today!