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We Are Doody Patrol!

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We dedicate ourselves to doody; literally, the pick-up and disposal of dog waste. Based in Kissimmee, Florida, we're a dog waste removal company serving the pets and humans of the surrounding neighborhoods. We give pets the sparkling clean environment they deserve and afford their owners more free time for playing fetch. 

We proudly work to keep our community safe and healthy, offering a range of poop scooping services from doody removal and yard scooping to deodorizer application. When we arrive to scoop your poop (and we'll be on time), we'll work efficiently and respectfully, making sure we close all gates to prevent escapes. 

What's more, we're a veteran-owned, licensed, and fully insured poop-scooping business. Customer service, dependability, communication, honesty, and professionalism are the 5 pillars that Doody Patrol was founded. And we uphold these on every job. 

With such a comprehensive, top-class, dedicated dog poop pick-up service - you could say we're #1 in the #2 business.

Why We Scoop Poop?

As a pet owner, you love your furry friends, spoiling them with treats and serving up their favorite chow. But what goes in has got to come out, and your yard is left littered with poop!

Picking up and removing all of that doody is dirty work - not to mention time-consuming! Dog ownership in the US is on the up, but with busy lives to lead, pet parents have little time for poop-scooping. And that's why Doody Patrol was established... well, that and a love of dogs. 

Why Pick Doody Patrol?

Our passion for animals is evident in the way we work (and the FREE healthy treats we leave for each furbaby). With Doody Patrol's help, your pet will feel pampered and you will have peace of mind and more free time.  

Nobody likes the messy part of pet ownership, so leave it to the pros! Have Doody Patrol scoop your pet's poop so you can spend more time doing more of what you enjoy.







 Doody Patrol's mission is to provide a luxury service at a decent price to our customers. We are dedicated to making life easier for pet, pet owners, and their guests by scooping and removing pet waste. Doody Patrol will provide top-notch customer service, reliability, thoroughness, and courtesy. We believe that the fulfillment of this mission ultimately requires satisfaction, not only for the pets, but also for the pet owners, and their guests, a worthwhile profit for the company, and the opportunity for our employees to earn decent and fair compensation for their work.  



Doody Patrol will continue to scoop dog poop, doing the dirty work for dog owners so they can enjoy more free time with their furry friends! We're aiming for safe, clean, disease- and doody-free communities, one yard at a time. 

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