Frequently Asked Questions

 What 'doo" you "doo"?

Doody Patrol comes to your home or business regularly and clean up
what your dog leaves behind. We are a dog waste pick up
service that offers a variety of service options based on 

your needs and budget. We carefully follow a checklist to make sure that nothing is missed, and when finished, we leave a service slip on your door indicating whether everything appeared normal or if there were any  potential hazards to you or your pet observed by our pooper scoopers.

Doody Patrol is not your ordinary professional pooper scoopers. We are your extra set of eyes when it comes to the health and safety of your dogs. A lot of times a dog's health issues can be observed by monitoring their texture and color of waste. As we scoop, we observe your dog's waste to assist in keeping your pets as healthy as possible. This is a benefit that others in our field business do not offer.

Do you provide services for animals other than dogs?

No. At this time we only provide services for dogs only. Dogs are what we know and love, so that is the lane that we stay in.

Do you offer Guaranteed Satisfaction?


We sure do!  If you are ever dissatisfied with the quality of your service, we will re-clean your property at no cost to you.

Do I have to be there when you're there?

No. Most people work during the day and find it difficult to arrange a time to be home. We'll enter through a predetermined entry point, such as a side gate. Just make sure you remember to leave the gate unlocked. We won't attempt to hop gates or fences. If gates are locked and we cannot access your yard, you'll be charged for that visit. However, if you want to be there the first day, for whatever reason, we can arrange a time to meet you and your dog. Just let us know!

What areas do you serve? 

We offer our dog and pet poop scooping services to Kissimmee, Poinciana, St.Cloud, Dr. Phillips, Haines City, Davenport, and Four Corners, including all or a portion of the following zip codes: 

32819, 32830, 32836, 33836, 33837, 33844, 33845, 33896, 33897, 34741, 34742, 34743, 34744, 34746, 34747, 34758, 34759, 34769, 34770, 34771, 34772, 34773.

Why is it important to have dog waste removed?

Dog waste that is left in your yard not only attracts flies that can carry dog waste residue and disease into your home, onto your food and elsewhere, but your dogs often step in their poop and track residue inside your home, where they then curl up on your couch, jump on your bed, put their paws on your table and counter tops, and snuggle up to you and your kids in front of the TV. Dog poop also contaminates drinking water, lakes, and ponds.

Do I have to sign any contracts?

No, but to begin service we will need a service agreement. Our service agreement simply gives Doody Patrol permission to be on your property to pick up dog waste and to outline our policies and procedures. There is no minimum service, and you can cancel anytime with a phone call or email. Commercial accounts may require a contract.

What other services do you provide?

We provide a wide array of services, including: we hose off patios and disinfect dog runs; install and service dog waste stations at condominiums, apartments, homeowner’s associations (HOA’s), and parks; cleaning bike and hiking paths, sand boxes and playgrounds; and even one time clean-ups.

Do you work in the rain or inclement weather?

It depends on how hard it is raining, but if its just a light drizzle or intermittent rain, we will usually work. In the event of unsafe or hazardous weather or road conditions, we will cancel services until it's safe to resume. Please be patient, we will make every attempt to scoop your yard at least once every week during even the worst weather to prevent excessive accumulation of waste.

Do I need to secure my dog in the house or tie them up while my yard gets cleaned?

No, unless you know your dog is aggressive or can potentially harm one of our pooper scoopers. Most of the time, the only problem we have with dogs is that they want to help us and be petted, because they know which pocket we keep their dog treats in!

Are you licensed, bonded, & insured?

Yes! We are a registered limited liability corporation with the State of Florida, plus bonded and insured to protect our clients, employees, management, and company. Our employees vehicles are all insured vehicles and our employees are covered by worker’s compensation insurance in case of injury.

How do I pay for your poop scooping service?

We accept all major credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club. We bill via auto-pay only for reoccurring services. Your credit/bank card will be charged on the same day (date you signed up) each month. All clients are required to have a card on file while receiving ongoing services. Doody Patrol collects your first monthly payment prior to the start of services, then after, you will receive an invoice 7 days before your monthly due date. Please note that our pooper scoopers are not allowed to accept cash, check, or credit card payments at your home or business.

What if I have a friend or family member that visits with there dog(s)?


Doody Patrol understands that you will have visitors with pets. This isn't an issue for us. An issue can arise if the additional pet(s) are using the same areas as your dogs day after day and increasing the workload on our pooper scoopers without notifying us beforehand. We ask that you please inform us when other pets will be using your yard, even when it has been only a couple of days. You could either scoop the added dog waste yourself or we could do it for you for a small fee, the choice is yours. Our pooper scoopers are professionals and can tell if there is more dog waste than usual. Disregard for this courtesy could result in additional fees added to your bill and/ or immediate termination of service.


Does the size of my dogs or yard affect the price?

We typically charge the same for small or large dogs or yards; however, we reserve the option to add an up-charge for unique situations. Sometimes people think that since their small dogs produce small poop, our service should be less expensive; however, often small dog poop the size of a Tootsie Roll is hard to find, especially when in a gravel or grass yard. We will advise you on our first visit if we need to modify our pricing prior to starting any service for you.

What day and time can you visit my yard?

Our service days are from dawn to dusk, Monday through Friday; however, our routes vary by geographic area. We will try to accommodate special scheduling requests, but that is not always possible. Call us and we can share what day or days of the week that we will be in your general area. Exact timing of our visits is not common, since each scooping visit is unpredictable. We don’t know what we will encounter each week. One week, all dog waste may be found in one small geographic area in the yard and the next week, it may be spread out across the entire yard. Some weeks the dog waste may be solid and dry, and other weeks your dogs may have had digestive issues causing loose stool, so cleaning and sanitizing may take much longer. We would ask that you be flexible and allow us to visit as time permits on your assigned day, and if you have need for more specific timing one week, just ask. One day prior to each visit we will send you an email and/ or text reminder of your appointment, plus you will receive a text when a pooper scooper is on their way, prior to arriving.

(Text and data rates may apply to texts you receive.)

When you visit my yard, what exactly do you do?

We scoop your dog’s poop weekly by using a grid-method of searching – north to south, then east to west, so we don’t miss any hidden piles. After scooping, we bag up the dog waste, seal the bag airtight, and deposit it into your trash can. If you have requested our sanitizing and deodorizing service, we spray all areas where heavy dog waste and urination were found prior to leaving. We then exit and ensure that all gates have been closed to prevent a pet escape, and finally, we leave a “You’ve Been Scooped” slip and healthy baked treat for your fur babies at your front door step.

What do you do with the dog poop after you pick it up?

We bag your dog waste, seal the bag airtight, and discard it in your trash can or place it where you ask us to put it. If that’s not possible or desired, we can haul it away. The first 20 gallon bag full is FREE, any additional bags will incur a fee of $5 per bag removed.


What holiday do we observe?

We work year-round, but observe the following major national U.S. holidays and take time off at certain times of the year; New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Weekend (Thursday thru Sunday), Christmas Week (if Christmas Day falls on a weekend, we will take the following week off). When a holiday falls on your regular service day. We will usually come the day before the holiday or in some cases may refund you for the missed visit. Ultimately, we reserve the right to alter service visits as we see fit during certain times of the year. 


How much does my dog poop?

On average, your dog poops twice a day which equates to approximately 1/2 their body weight in poop every week. To put this in perspective, a 10 lb Chihuahua generates approximately 260 pounds of poop a year!


How do I cancel my services?

If you need to cancel service for any reason, you have a few options on how to do so. Notify us via website's contact form, send an email to or call 407-392-3458. We'd appreciate at least a 24-hour notice on service cancellations, if possible.


Should I unlock my gate?

Yes. Since Doody Patrol pooper scoopers are not to climb or jump over fences, please have your gate unlocked on your service day. Unfortunately, we do have to charge for missed service calls due to a locked gate. (The first time is on us). Most people leave a spare key in an envelope and in a location for us to retrieve it. If you like you can give us the combination to your lock or we can lend you one of ours for the duration of your service at no cost to you. No keys please, they are too confusing to try and remember which one goes where.


What if I want to skip a service day?

You will not be charged if you call the office in time for us to tell our pooper scooper to skip your yard for that day. If the dog will be gone from the yard for a couple of weeks, or for some other reason you want us to skip your yard for a day or more, we can hold service and you will not be charged. (extended periods of time may require an extra fee)

However, if your gate is locked or the dog will not allow us to clean the yard when we come to do our work, we will still charge for the service call that could not be completed. If, for instance, you get to work and remember that the gate is locked, call us early to tell us to skip that day so that you won't be charged.



Do you have a customer referral program?

Yes, when you refer a new customer to us you will get 50% off your service for one month. All the new client has to do is mention your name when they sign up for service and Doody Patrol will credit your account.  (Not for one-time services)


Do you offer any kind of discounts on services?

Yes! We offer an annual prepayment discount of 15% on any recurring service. We also offer 10% off the cost of services to clients that are members of the armed forces and veterans alike. Oh, and of course we offer our senior citizens a 5% discount off of all services. Discounts can not be combined.

Is there anything I need to do before your visit?



  • Mow all grass to a reasonable length and cut back weeds

  • Trim vegetation at fence lines in areas which dogs have been known to use

  • Rake or blow leaves off the lawn, and pick up and remove all storm debris

  • Remove all toys and sports equipment from the general area

If there are any areas which may be accessible to pets but not to people, such as under a shed or a deck, block them to prevent pets from using these areas. If we can't get to it, we can't remove it. 

Are your chemicals safe around animals and people?

Of Course! We use KennelSol® disinfectant and cleaner to sanitize our equipment, dog runs, patios, and more. KennelSol® is a broad-spectrum germicidal, cleanser and deodorizer, effective against all pathogens including canine parvovirus, which leaves a faint but pleasant wintergreen scent. These products are manufactured by Alpha Tech Pet, Inc. for use in zoos, kennels, veterinary clinics, and animal shelters, and are safe for use around all animals and humans.