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Bucket Service

Do you hate leaving dog poop in your trash container that creates foul smells and poop soup? Do you walk your dog regularly, don't need a poop scooping service, but want to be poop-free? Need to get rid of your old cat litter/ waste? This is where our bucket service is designed to help. We will provide the 5-gallon bucket/s with lid and bag, you scoop, and we'll switch out the bucket on a once or twice-weekly basis. No limit on usage. We only accept dog and cat waste inside our buckets. Please note: We do not accept any garbage (including toys, bones, dead animals, etc.) inside of our buckets.

How It Works


  1.    You will be given a marked bucket with a lid and bag.​

  2.    You fill it.​

  3.    On pickup day simply leave the bucket, bag, and lid out front in a visible location or in a designated area.

  4.    Finally, we'll leave a new & clean bucket, bag, and lid in it's place.

Prices starting at only $7.00 per visit!

Contact us now to begin your service today!

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